• Chichi and Tatyana I wish you both nothing but the best life has to offer as you both embark on your new journey today!

    In this journey we all call life, the first friend one makes is with ones sibling. In my case I was blessed with two best friends very early on in life. We were always inseparable and to a great extent we still are. From school, to rugby to lives many experiences we shared it all together.

    Whatever curve balls life may throw at us, we caught them together and didn’t let any knock us down. We have been and we will always be each other’s biggest strengths. But today, my cheekiest malli is going to be tying the knot with his soul mate, she who his soul has been searching for and she who he was lucky to find very early on in life.

    Chichi and Tatyana I wish you both nothing but the best life has to offer as you both embark on your new journey today; the new chapter in both your books which from today becomes one. I love you both very much and Tatyana I can’t possibly think of a better girl for my malli. You are the perfect wife for Chichi and I know you both will live your fairy-tale till the very end. Welcome to the family Nangi.

    Yo and I are very lucky to have you as our new sister.

  • Sri Lankan children have unimaginable talent. We must provide them a platform to prove it.

    Today Sri Lanka’s Sports Industry needs much encouragement. For years, we have been a nation identified by our cricket and while our national teams have contributed enormously in strengthening the game globally, there are many other sports in this country which need to be highlighted.

    Today as much as Sri Lanka enjoys being highlighted as a cricketing nation and ofcourse we are proud of it, Sri Lanka has also contributed immensely towards global rugby. And one of the leading projects launched to expose Sri Lanka rugby to the world was the Carlton Super 7s International Rugby Tournament which was my pet project launched in 2011/2012.

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BiographyNamal Rajapaksa

Attorney at Law, with an interest in criminal law and Skilled in International Relations and HR policies.
Founding Member and Parliamentarian from the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP), which is a people oriented political party formed to serve all Sri Lankan citizens, including the masses in the rural areas and committed to put Sri Lanka on the global map of development.

Former leading National Rugby Player and Former Rugby Captain of St Thomas' College.
Dedicated to work and promote rugby in Sri Lanka and involved in organizing international Rugby events and tournaments. Founder of Carlton 7s International Rugby Tournament which focuses on uplifting the standards of Rugby in Sri Lanka.

Founding member of the Chaya Foundation, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This foundation is committed to working with children with down syndrome and autism and ensuring these beautiful children have an equal place in today's world.

Committed to strengthen education and sports for the youth of Sri Lanka and working to provide a better country for the youth sector. I firmly believe that sports promotes unity and brings communities closer.
Strongly dedicated in post war reconciliation, rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts in northern Sri Lanka after the defeat of the LTTE terrorists in 2009.

Involved in humanitarian projects for the war affected and strongly works towards economic and social development in the north and east, especially among war widows and the youth affected by the war.
I believes that the passege to reconciliation is through political and social stability and strong economic growth. Also working towards re-building the nation through reconciliation.

A strong yoga enthusiast.

Admonish yourself strongly. Scrutinise yourself deeply.

— The Dhammapada