• Sri Lanka’s Parliament today, has turned into nothing but a mere joke!

    Almost two months into the political crisis, the United National Party, which is suffering from an internal power struggle over its leadership, suddenly decided to conduct a confidence motion on Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe to fraudulently show that Wickremesinghe controls the majority in Parliament.

    Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, as you all are well aware by now, despite knowing that there is a Prime Minister in place, decided to go ahead with the motion, just like all the other illegal motions which he has conducted since Oct 26.

    Today, Sri Lanka is suffering the brunt of the power struggle of the UNP. Unable to perform for the past three and a half years, the UNP is now doing everything possible to hold on to power by claiming that they have the majority in Parliament. When the citizens of this country placed their trust in them and voted for them in 2015, they expected the UNP to perform. But three and a half years later, this island has seen no progress. The only progress seen is that implemented by Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government before 2015.

    Today, the internal power battle by the UNP is no secret. The party has been split for years, with an increasing number of MPs openly voicing their anger against Hon. Wickremesinghe continuing to hold the position as the party leader.

    In recent days, there have been several posters which have cropped up in several towns and cities stating that Hon. Sajith Premadasa is the new UNP Leader. There are some posters which state that Hon. Navin Dissanayaka is the new leader. And there are some which state that Hon. Lakshman Kiriella is the new leader.

    With so much of internal struggle, the UNP still wants to hold on to power illegally, just to cover their faults and frauds while they were in government. The confidence motion today, was a mere amusement. MPs who have in the recent past spoken all out against Hon. Wickremesinghe voted for him, just to hold on to their positions and seats.

    Today a very valid questions crops up. When a party is struggling and fighting so much internally to grab the leadership post, how can they take this country forward? Their power struggle is one of the main reasons of their failure within these past three and a half years, and the UNP MPs knowing they will be defeated in the next election, have only held on to power for their personal benefits.

    The UNP is a failing party. The Speaker, belonging to this party, has in recent weeks, broken all parliamentary norms and conducted sittings to suit his leader and party. Any one is well aware that when there is a Prime Minister and government in place, how can a confidence vote be conducted? The Court of Appeal has only temporarily suspended the government from conducting its duties. It has in no way dismissed the government.

    When political parties are unable to get along with their own party members, then the country cannot expect much from them in running a nation in unity. The UNP has shown us their failure within these past three and a half years.

    Their failures can be seen from the high cost of living, the rising rate of unemployment, the absence of FDIs, the absence of infrastructural development etc.

    Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his party have reiterated their call for a General Election. It is only through a strong stable government that the country can move forward. A majority can truly be shown through the vote of our people. That is true democracy.


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