• True face of the UNP’s so called ‘democracy’​ ! UNP goons running amok in capital of Sri Lanka!

    Moments after the Supreme Court ruling earlier today, I was shocked to see how a UNP Municipal Councillor, stormed into Lake House and threatened and assaulted journalists and staff which forced security to be tightened in and around the building.

    Using foul language, the goons led by the Municipal Councillor, stormed into the building, posing a great threat to the lives of the journalists and staff. Some female journalists were also assaulted.

    The UNP seems to have gone back to their version of ‘democracy’ once again by acting in the thuggish manner they always have. Little have they ever worked for the nation, but when it comes to holding on to power, they will stoop down to any levels, as clearly witnessed in the video.

    For all those who cried for democracy these past few weeks, where is democracy now? Those diplomats who spoke for democracy, why are you all silent now?

    This is the true face of the UNP. They have twisted and turned ‘democracy’ according to their convenience. If only they used this might to work for the people. But unfortunately that will never happen as they have only worked for themselves.

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