• Our fight for justice will continue & we will work for a new Sri Lanka!

    Today, my father and your leader, former President Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned from his post as Prime Minister to pave way for the establishment of a new government under President Maithripala Sirisena.

    Hon. Rajapaksa, in recent weeks, after being appointed as Prime Minister on Oct 26, saw the utterly disgusting behavior of the UNP MPs who created a political instability so severe, that it resulted in the entire country coming to a standstill.

    Hon. Rajapaksa, as you all are aware, was sworn in as Prime Minister at a time when the nation was facing a severe economic, social and political crisis. His urgent help was sought by President Maithripala Sirisena, who saw the nation failing after the severe mismanagement and weak economic policies of Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe and his party. This severe mismanagement was felt by the masses. The cost of living was soaring, the business community was hit by heavy taxes, FDIs were at a standstill, unemployment was rising, and we had only fallen as a nation.

    My father, Hon Rajapaksa had in 2009, with the help of our brave tri forces ended a three decade long civil conflict against the LTTE terrorists. When President Sirisena, asked for his urgent help to save Sri Lanka once again, he accepted it as he too could see the severe mess we had fallen into.

    As I have said several times before, within these past three and a half years, while sitting in the opposition benches, Hon. Rajapaksa had not stopped working for the people. And on Friday, when the Supreme Court issued a verdict that he and his government could not continue to function till the case is further heard in January, he decided to resign so that a new government could be established.

    However in a special statement made on Saturday, Hon. Rajapaksa shed light on several truths which need to be noted. The biggest truth he revealed was the fact that the UNP have a sinister plan ahead. And that will lead Sri Lanka into a danegrous era.

    Firstly, what Hon. Rajapaksa exposed was that the UNP was working towards preventing a Parliamentary or a Presidential Election which is scheduled to be held in 2019 and 2020. Further he also shed light on the controversial agreement Hon. Wickremesinghe has entered into with the TNA. That agreement will be detrimental to us all. It will divide this nation into nine semi independent federal units. No matter how much the UNP deny this, this is the truth and you all will witness this very soon.

    “On 12 December, even before the Supreme Court judgement was delivered, Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe spoke in Parliament about bringing in a new constitution. This new constitution has already been drafted and published in the newspapers as well. Under the provisions of that draft constitution, this country will be divided into nine semi-independent federal units. The new constitution will also abolish the executive presidency which means that the presidential election that is due before the 9th December 2019, will not have to be held. The new constitution will also change the system of electing MPs to Parliament which means that the parliamentary election due in 2020 can also be postponed citing delimitation issues the same way that the provincial council elections have been put off indefinitely. That is what they are now preparing for,” Hon. Rajapaksa said.

    Further Hon. Rajapaksa said how the UNF government which would now control only 103 seats in Parliament would have to function on the whims and fancies of the TNA. They have been taken hostage by the TNA.

    “It was only on 12 December when a resolution was passed expressing confidence in Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe and requesting that he be appointed Prime Minister that the people of the country were able to see the real state of things,” Hon. Rajapaksa explained.

    “A total of 117 MPs voted calling for Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe to be appointed as Prime Minister. Fourteen of those votes belong to the TNA. Even though the TNA also requested that Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe be appointed Prime Minister, on the same day, TNA Parliamentarian Mavei Senathirajah made a special statement in parliament on behalf of the TNA saying that though they voted for Mr Wickrermasinghe to become Prime Minister, they would not join the government and would remain in the opposition. So what has actually happened here is that the UNP which has a minority of 103 seats, has been taken hostage by the TNA. If they do not adhere to the diktat of the TNA, the UNP minority can lose their parliamentary majority at any moment. The TNA now holds the remote control in Parliament,” Hon. Rajapaksa said.

    This is leading the country into a dangerous territory. We are going back into an era where all what we worked for would be lost. No wonder we saw the TNA firmly backing Hon. Wickremesinghe. They will not call the ultimate shots to run this country.

    Following 26 October, the President declared a general election. Hon. Rajapaksa said that when he was sworn in as Prime Minister on that day, it was only to form an interim government that would last only for around two months until the conclusion of the general election which was scheduled for the 5th January 2019.

    As Hon. Rajapaksa said, what we are confronted with now, is an attempt to rule the country without holding any kind of election. Since a general election can no longer be held, we cannot implement any of the measures we had planned to take to prevent this country from becoming another Greece.

    The UNP government borrowed 20.7 billion US Dollars in foreign currency loans alone within a period of three and a half years, and we have no idea as to how much more they will borrow in the coming months. The UNP brought our economy to the brink of collapse through such foreign currency borrowings. All that money was borrowed for consumption. We borrowed money to develop the country and that development is visible. But the UNP borrowed money only for consumption. Even though some have expressed the view that it will be

    possible to minimise the damage done by the UNP because the President is no longer with them, we must realise that there is much that the UNP-TNA coalition can do.

    An ideal example of this is when back in 2002, the then UNP government signed a cease-fire agreement with the LTTE without informing President Chandrika Kumaratunga.

    After the 26th October, we were able to reduce the pressure on the people by bringing down the price of fuel and some essential food items and restoring the

    distribution of school uniform material. We restored the fertilizer subsidy and reuced income taxes on agricultural incomes to encourage agricultural production.

    We were also able to take certain measures to address the concerns of young professionals in this country over the Sri Lanka – Singapore Free Trade Agreement entered into by the previous government. We suspended the excessive taxes imposed by the previous government. We also managed to prevent several local industries from closing down.

    Even though a general election will not be held, it must be said that the events that took place after the 26th of October have benefitted the public in other ways.

    We, the SLPP will not allow this country to be plunged into a crisis. Hon. Rajapaksa, our brave forces, our courageous people, and this nation in whole has worked very hard. We cannot let it all be destroyed in front of our eyes.

    The UNP, with only 103 seats does not hold a majority in Parliament so we will ensure that the new dangerous constitution which has been planned between Hon. Wickremesinghe does not get passed. We have seen enough blood shed and instability in the past. We do not want to see more.

    We, headed by Hon. Rajapaksa will continue our call for a Parliamentary Election. Our fight for justice will continue. We will ensure that we re build a strong Sri Lanka, where all our people, including the minorities who very rightly belong to this land, be allowed to live in freedom and peace. We will ensure the people get a strong, stable government. We will work for a new Sri Lanka.

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