• Today UNP vows for a new Sri Lanka, then what did they do within these past three and a half years?

    Today the UNP are pledging a new Sri Lanka. What did they do within these past three and a half years?

    Today, the United National Party and Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe say that democracy has won. They say the country is back on the path of development and success. Hon. Wickremesinghe says he will work to provide relief to the people and to strengthen the economy. He says he will work towards fulfilling his government’s shortcomings and present a new Sri Lanka.

    All these pledges made by the UNP today, are three and a half years too late. Today, speeches are being made pledging to transform Sri Lanka. It is as if Hon. Wickremesinghe and his party have just emerged victorious from a general election.

    If these pledges are being made now, then I, as a citizen of this country question them as to what they did within these past three and a half years? This was all pledged by them even in 2015, but these past three and a half years, we saw no development, no investments, no relief. And definitely no ‘new Sri Lanka’.

    Instead what we as citizens received within these past three and a half years was ‘promised investments’ which never entered our shores, despite the UNP government undertaking lavish trips overseas, a high cost of living, unjust taxes, no concrete economic policies, no employment and no basic facilities.

    Today, Sri Lanka is still seeing the investments and projects which were implemented and unveiled during my father Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s tenure. Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe says today, the whole country is enjoying the harvest of the seeds they sawed during the past three and half years. The only people that are enjoying these seeds are the UNP MPs who only benefited from back door deals which was one of the main reason that investors stayed away from our beautiful country.

    Today Colombo has seen no new development. The UNPs so called Megapolis Project in Colombo, has been only heard but not seen. The construction of new highways to ease traffic congestion in the city is only heard, not seen. The implementation of a Light Railway Transit system is only heard, not seen. In this manner, several projects have only been heard and not seen.

    Three and a half years is a very long time. My father Hon. Rajapaksa, who along with our brave forces ended a 30 year civil conflict against the LTTE terrorists has always maintained that if a nation needs development, then every day is valuable. Today the UNP has promised a new country. I tell them now that this new country which they have pledged should have been unveiled when they were in government after they were elected in 2015.

    Today, in rural areas, people are suffering. Our citizens have no jobs. They are suffering from the rising cost of living. And their biggest complaints have been that their grievances have fallen to deaf ears as the UNP government these past three and a half years only confined themselves to work for an elite few. They have failed as a government and they have failed a nation.

    Today, my father Hon. Rajapaksa, in order to prevent further hardships caused to the people due to the political crisis created by the UNP, took a step back and resigned from the Prime Ministerial position. He was selected as Prime Minister at a time when Sri Lanka was already facing a severe economic, social and political crisis. He could not see the hardship of his people anymore.

    When Hon. Rajapaksa had been sworn in on Oct 26, he had come in only to form a caretaker government. His only condition was that we need to go in for a General Election to allow the citizens of this country to elect a new, stable government.

    Hon. Rajapaksa has always maintained he needs no posts to work for the people. Hours after resigning, he returned back to his constituency and returned back among the masses. His work had never stopped.

    Today, while the UNP has once again pledged a new Sri Lanka, ignoring the fact that they had three and a half years to do it, the country remains unstable. No political party enjoys a majority in Parliament. Political parties remain divided. The UNP itself is fighting a severe leadership crisis within them.

    In such political uncertainty and with the false pledges of the UNP, the country is in severe crisis. Hon. Rajapaksa will return back to the opposition, but his call for a General Election will continue. He once saved this country from the clutches of terrorism, he will now save this country from the crisis we have been plunged into. We say let Us Vote. Sri Lanka deserves much more

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