• Today UNP & TNA want to dismiss Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa from politics entirely to run this beautiful nation on their dread agendas.

    Today, all MPs belonging to the United People’s Freedom Alliance, watched in utter disgust and disbelief as to how the United National Front together with their partner in disguise, the Tamil National Alliance termed my father and this nation’s leader, Mahinda Rajapaksa as a ‘stranger in Parliament’.

    In utter disgust, as soon as Speaker of Parliament, Karu Jayasriya said he would recognize former president Hon. Rajapaksa as the Opposition Leader, UNP MP Hon. Lakshman Kiriella, very shamefully said there were strangers in the House. He continued his rant by saying Hon. Rajapaksa had resigned from the UPFA and joined the SLPP, which is why he had lost his parliamentary seat.

    This rant was followed by the rant of his partner, TNA MP M. Sumanthiran, who called on the Speaker to appoint a committee to probe Hon. Rajapaksa’s new appointment. This was followed by the utterly shameful speech by SLMC Leader Hon. Rauff Hakeem who went on to criticize this nation’s leader as a former president and now a former parliamentarian.

    All these remarks were made while Hon. Rajapaksa continued to sit quietly and watch the shameless rants of the government MPs who have already failed us all within these past three and a half years. Their failures and corruptions are so severe that they now fear that Hon. Rajapaksa will expose them while holding the Opposition Leader’s post. It is common sense, they fear the new appointment of my father, so much so that they want him evicted from Parliament.

    In matters which does not concern the UNP or the TNA in any manner, Hon. Rajapaksa claimed membership of the SLPP at a time when President Maithripala Sirisena had announced a General Election. At that time, Hon. Rajapaksa had decided to form a broader alliance with the SLPP, SLFP and UPFA to contest the General Elections which had been declared for Jan 5. However, he did not tender his resignation as a UPFA MP, and everything came to a standstill with the dissolution of Parliament pending before the Supreme Court.

    Also the matter of Hon. Rajapaksa and other MPs deciding to join the SLPP is a matter for the UPFA. This is an internal party matter which in no ways concerns the new partners – the UNF and TNA. The TNA at this moment supports the government, so how can it be possible that they support the government and also hold the position of Opposition Leader? This will set a dangerous environment for Sri Lanka politics, and this was one of the sinister plans my father had warned about in his resignation speech. For true democracy to exist, it is absolutely vital, that there must be a strong opposition so that the government cannot continue to lead the country into further disaster by their mismanagement, frauds and weak policies. No wonder the Central Bank Bond Scam progressed so smoothly under the very nose of Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe back in 2015. It was the TNA who was functioning as the main opposition back then.

    Hon. Rajapaksa has served as a past Prime Minister and past President. While these so called government MPs have failed over and over again during their years in politics, including the TNA who have absolutely failed the people in the north, my father during his presidential term, bravely faced the threats of the LTTE terrorists and ended the civil war. Today, we as a nation are seeing peace and prosperity because of him. He, together with our courageous tri forces ended the blood shed and ended the bombs. Hon. Rajapaksa saved this land from being divided and today, these shameless MPs, under the hoodwinks of the TNA are calling for his dismissal from the Opposition Leader’s post and from Parliament.

    Hon. Rajapaksa is one of the senior most politicians in this country. What he exposed in his resignation speech on Saturday is indeed coming true. The UNP is run completely by the TNA. Both parties want your hero and your leader, Hon. Rajapaksa dismissed from politics entirely so that they can run this beautiful country on their agendas.

    A dangerous constitution has already been drafted between the UNP and TNA. Neither party has the interest of the nation in mind. They only want to benefit for themselves while holding ministerial positions.

    I challenge each and every one of you to travel to the north. See what the TNA have done for the Tamil citizens of this country. See how their issues and grievances are being addressed. Our northern brothers and sisters need our help the most, after suffering at the brutal hands of the LTTE. The only development and assistance they have received was before 2015, during the tenure of Hon. Rajapaksa. So the TNA’s words today are nothing but mere words. They together with the UNF government are not here for this country. They are here for themselves.

    While the country is facing a severe crisis, economically, socially and politically, it is a shame that without addressing the immediate issues of our citizens, the UNF and TNA are only focused on bringing discredit to Hon. Rajapaksa. Yesterday at the UNP rally in Galle Face, Hon. Wickremesinghe and his UNP pledged to form a new alliance and vowed for a better Sri Lanka. What they have forgotten is that they had time to do this within the past three and a half years. But even during these past years, they only focused on accusing Hon. Rajapaksa and in those accusations forgot to work for the country.

    While their rants will only continue, Hon. Rajapaksa, just hours after resigning as the Prime Minister last Saturday, returned back to Tangalle. He was welcomed by thousands of his people. He, as the true leader of this nation has only continued his work for the masses, while the UNP and TNA are only continuing what they are best at – trying to discredit this nation’s leader and hero so that they can continue with their frauds.

    Sri Lanka is in severe crisis. We need to act now.

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