• Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s only intention of becoming the Prime Minister to form a care taker government.

    On Saturday, Hon Mahinda Rajapaksa resigned from his prime ministerial position to pave way for the establishment of a new government under President Maithripala Sirisena.

    After a nearly two month political deadlock which was a result of the thuggish and selfish behavior of the United National Party, who have only clung on to power for their personal gains, my father stepped down after a Supreme Court verdict which ruled against the dissolution of Parliament.

    As I have said before, Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa’s only intention of becoming the Prime Minister On Oct 26 was to form a care taker government. He knows the country was and still is in a severe crisis. The only way out of this crisis was to allow the citizens of this country to vote so that a strong, stable government could be established.

    Hours after Hon. Rajapaksa resigned he returned back among the masses. There was no time wasted and his work for the citizens of this country has only continued.

    However, following Hon. Rajapaksa’s resignation and the reinstatement of Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe, the UNP have returned back to their ‘real work’. And that is to discredit Hon. Rajapaksa so that they can have a free hand to rob this nation.

    We have already seen the tremendous frauds of the UNP government, beginning from the Central Bank Bond Scam. Now without addressing the immediate needs of our citizens, the UNP’s agenda, joined by their partner, the TNA, only seem to be to oppose the Opposition Leader’s post handed over to Hon. Rajapaksa.

    A party, which cried day and night for democracy and alleged that billions of dollars were lost due to the political crisis within these past few weeks, seem to have forgotten the woes of the people and have only dedicated themselves to get Hon. Rajapaksa evicted from Parliament.

    The so called sympathy and concern they had for the nation seems to have vanished overnight, with the entire lot, including the TNA, only focused on the Opposition Leader’s post. This my dear friends, is the real face of the UNP. To show false concern for the nation when they are not in power, and when in power work only to discredit Hon. Rajapaksa and work for their own gains.

    If it was otherwise, this country would have seen enormous development within these past three and a half years. Our people would have had jobs, the cost of living would have been controlled, people would not have had a massive financial burden and we would not have had such large foreign borrowings.

    It is now three days, and Sri Lanka still has no cabinet in place. A party which said this country has suffered without a government, seem to have forgotten to appoint a cabinet even three days after the reinstatement of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

    And today, without bothering to appoint a cabinet, the UNP and TNA are only focused on the party matters of the UPFA and the Opposition Leader. The TNA want to hang on to the Opposition Leader’s post so that the UNP and TNA can continue their further frauds. How can a party, who pledged their support for Hon. Wickremesinghe and signed an affidavit to this effect ever be given the Opposition Leader’s post? No opposition leader can be in opposition but at the same time support the government. That is a serious blow to Sri Lanka’s politics.

    Today, I call upon each one of you to look at the state of affairs of this beautiful country. We have no cabinet. We have a ruling party which failed us for three and a half years. Now we have the UNP and TNA who have drafted a dangerous constitution which would divide this nation, and now both parties want the strongest leader evicted from Parliament.

    The only solution for Sri lanka to remerge back as a strong prosperous nation is to allow our people to vote. A General Election is needed now more than ever. Sri Lanka is in crisis. We need to act now.


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