• Let Sri Lanka unite to help our northern brothers and sisters, overcome the floods

    On Christmas Day I visited hundreds of families who were severely affected by the floods in Killinochchi and Mullaitivu, in northern Sri Lanka.

    It was indeed disheartening to see the damage caused by the flash floods and the livelihoods which had been lost. Conducting a tour of the entire district, I noticed that many agricultural lands and crops had been destroyed in the floods while school children had lost their books and other school items in the water.

    As of today, Dec 26, according to statistics from the Disaster Management Center, 2 people have been killed and over 86,000 people have been affected by the floods. Over 8000 people have sought shelter in the safe houses set up across the district.

    The damage caused is vast. There is much that needs to be done, especially to calm the families who have lost a lot. Our northern brothers and sisters, have suffered much, it is time that we now come together as a nation to help them recover from this natural calamity.

    On Christmas Day, I spent time with the families and the little children who had a lot to share. As much as I learnt from them, I realized that there is much help they need from all of us. While I have made donations, in my little way, I urge each and every one of you to come together at this moment of time and work towards normalizing the lives of these families.

    While relief efforts are ongoing by the local members in the areas, they need our support. Especially the little children who have lost their valuable books and school equipment.

    The north of Sri Lanka has so much to offer. Our northern bothers and sisters have much talent in them and much can be done to develop this district. Unfortunately, the many families that I visited had many complaints. Their biggest complaint was that their children needed employment and not much development had occurred within these past three and a half years.

    Sri Lanka is a blessed land and our north has the potential to be transformed into one of our leading districts. I will continue to work for my northern brothers and sisters. As much as their concerns have been ignored in the past three years, I will try to address their concerns as much as possible. They deserve much more.

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