• As we bid adieu to 2018, let us pray for a stronger Sri Lanka in 2019

    Today, as Sri Lanka prepares to bid adieu to 2018 and welcome a brand new year, there are many things which we need to reflect upon that went wrong in 2018 which we hope will be rectified in 2019.

    We in Sri Lanka, have within these past four years, not progressed much. In fact we have only taken a leap backwards. Our economy is a disaster, we have seen no new infrastructural development, the rate of unemployment, especially among our youth has increased, we have received no new mega Foreign Investments and investors are hesitant from entering our shores due to the weak foreign and economic policies of the UNP Government.

    Our masses in the rural areas are suffering. They have no jobs and are feeling the brunt of the rising cost of living. Development in the rural areas such as the construction of roads, houses etc, have virtually been at a halt since 2015. No new highways have been constructed which is most necessary to boost our district to district development, and even our north which has high potential, has been neglected. Our northern brothers and sisters who have already borne the brunt of terrorism deserve much more and much better. Its a pity to see the failing state of affairs Sri Lanka is currently facing.

    This New Year, while Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his party members will continue to call for a snap General Election to have a strong, stable government in place who will uplift Sri Lanka into a dynamic nation, we hope the UNP government that is in place till then, at least work towards easing the burden off the citizens.

    There are unjust taxes, prices of essential items are soaring high and people have complaints. Instead of continuing their bitter politics by bringing discredit to Hon. Rajapaksa and his family members, I pray the UNP at least in these remaining months take the issues of all its citizens seriously to make a change.

    This past month, we all witnessed that the very people who were crying for democracy, as soon as they emerged to power once again, instead of working for the people were only focused on evicting Hon. Rajapaksa from Parliament. Their only agenda in being in power is not to work for the nation, but to instead evict a leader who has been the true leader for the masses and for all its citizens.

    This new year, we as politicians have a lot to do. Hon. Rajapaksa, as a responsible Opposition Leader will not allow the government to plunge the country into further crisis. It is time Sri Lanka moves forward at least now. We have suffered enough. We will not let Sri Lanka fall further.


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