• Sri Lanka’s political crisis – A failed UNP and a double faced TNA

    Today, four years since the government of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe took over , Sri Lanka has seen no improvement.

    In fact today, Sri Lanka has seen zero infra structural development, no Foreign Direct Investments that can be felt, a high rate of unemployment especially among the youth, a soaring cost of living, unjust taxes, weak economic policies and a failing economy.

    With Sri Lanka on the verge of crisis, another important issue that needs discussion today is why the Tamil National Alliance wants to cling on as the main opposition when they too, along with the UNP government severely failed within these past four years.

    We are all aware, that when the UNP government took power in 2015, within a short span of three months, Sri Lanka witnessed the Bond Scam. The TNA were the silent main opposition back then and today four years later, they continue their silence due to hidden agendas and deals reached between the UNP and the TNA.

    Eventually progressing into the years, there were several other issues in which the UNP government failed the country. In fact President Maithripala Sirisena said he is soon to establish a Presidential Commission to probe corruption and fraud within these past four years stating that he was sure there would be fraud and corruption more severe than the Bond Scam.

    A government can only fail so severely is when a weak opposition is in place. The Tamil National Alliance, whose main agenda is to work for the Tamils, have failed to address even the basic issues faced by the Tamil citizens. In fact, when Hon. Rajapaksa and the valiant tri forces ended the war in 2009, the north, which bore the brunt of a 30 year civil conflict, witnessed development only during the previous government. Today, our northern brothers and sisters have many complaints which have been ignored, especially by their so called representatives, the Tamil National Alliance.

    In addition to the under development in the north, the Tamil National Alliance have also ignored some other core issues faced by our northern citizens. Such as the fishermen issue, employment among Tamil youth, providing assistance to families affected by the war and helping war widows. Infact very recently I read in the media, that when a Tamil youth questioned the leader of the Tamil National Alliance, Hon. R. Sampanthan to address the issue of unemployment among Tamil youth, Hon. Sampanthan had replied that he could not address this matter as his focus was on getting a new constitution.

    Within these past four years, the Tamil National Alliance, instead of focusing on working as a responsible main opposition, worked only to suit the agendas of the UNP. That is why we saw them work so hard to get the UNP government back to power, forgetting that they were the main opposition back then, and ignoring the fact that Sri Lanka is on the verge of crisis.

    Today much has been promised to the Tamil National Alliance by the UNP. A TNA MP who said there was a need for the LTTE to be back in the north and east has been given a portfolio. A dangerous new constitution has been drafted and a written guarantee has been handed over by the UNP to the TNA. The TNA have proven that they are not here for the Tamil citizens. They are instead here only to work for themselves just like their partners in disguise, the UNP.

    Today, Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa has been rightfully declared as the Opposition Leader. The UNP and TNA are trying very hard to evict my father from the post and from Parliament, so that they can continue to fool the people. In fact a fear has arisen within them, now that Hon. Rajapaksa will lead the opposition.

    For the past four years, Hon. Rajapaksa has responsibly worked to address issues facing all the citizens of this country including our Tamil brothers and sisters. He will continue his work and his battle to have a strong, stable government in place so that Sri Lanka can prosper.

    While the Tamil National Alliance can continue to maintain a double face, one among their Tamil citizens and another with the UNP, Hon. Rajapaksa and the UPFA will now work as a strong, stable opposition and continue to expose their hidden agendas. They will also work for the prosperity of all citizens including our Tamil brothers and sisters.

    Sri Lanka is indeed in crisis and it is time we awake.


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