• People’s Power is the supreme body of state power and represents and expresses the sovereign will of all the people.

    Sri Lanka has always been a very peaceful country in the region, living up to the principals of democracy.
    The country has always considered ‘People’s Power’ to be supreme and has benefited immensely from this.

    In recent years, however, under the rule of Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe and his party, the UNP, democracy has been put to shame in Sri Lanka. The people have been stripped off their basic rights, subjected to very high taxes and a high cost of living and people were denied a vote at the provincial council elections as the UNP did not want to face an election following their humiliating defeat at the Local Council Polls. Democracy, was then, twisted and turned to suit their benefits.

    The UNP, as many are aware, has a history of shaming democracy by delaying elections and denying the people a right to vote. One of the core examples was when the UNP, after the 1982 Presidential Elections, postponed a crucial Parliamentary election in 1983 by extending the life of Parliament, which was elected in 1977 by a further six years – an undemocratic move which is criticized to this day.

    The UNP, have for decades forcefully tried to remain in power, considering only a small section of society as important citizens. They have a history of failing the masses and denying them a right to vote.

    Since the appointment of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse, on Oct 26, the UNP has been crying for this very democracy they have been ignoring for years.
    They plunged the country into political instability, ignoring the difficulties of the nation and now demand to rule – a rule which they misused while staying in government for three years.

    Neither did any Sri Lankan benefit in the past three years and neither did we proposer as a nation. The people’s frustration was clearly shown from the results of the Local Council Elections which the SLPP won through a landslide victory.

    With instability growing each day, created unnecessarily by Hon. Wickremesinghe and his party, President Sirisena did what was best for the people. He followed the very core principals of democracy and dissolved Parliament, giving the people the right to decide who should govern, who should work for them and who should take this country forward.

    When we have always believed that ‘People are Supreme’, today the UNP is denying giving that power to the people, as they have always considered only a section of society to be supreme.

    Under any terms, how can an election, be undemocratic? The very core understanding of democracy is giving the people a right to vote, to decide. How can seeking the people’s mandate ever be considered undemocratic?

    The UNP were elected in 2015 to work for the citizens of this country. But they failed. Now we let the people decide.

    Furthermore, I want to ask member of the Elections Commission, Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole, that where was he when elections were postponed several times under the UNP government? Why did’nt he seek Supreme Court intervention then?

    Now that an election has been declared, to seek a people’s mandate, he is working towards eliminating it? The Election Commission’s job is to ensure a free and fair election is held, especially when certain parties are preventing from seeking a people’s mandate. The Commission should at no point, work otherwise.

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