• UNP has plunged the country into further chaos. We want a people’s vote. Let them Vote!

    When Parliament convened on Wednesday morning, the SLPP along with its coalition partners, led by Hon. Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse respectfully entered the House, keeping in mind the aspirations of the country.

    However, in what was a pre-planned attempt to discredit the government by Speaker Karu Jayasuriya and the United National Party, all Parliamentary norms and traditions were broken when the JVP submitted a No Confidence Motion against Prime Minister Rajapakse and the Speaker hurriedly called for ‘voice votes’ to see who held the so called majority.

    When Parliament convened on Wednesday, the Leader of the House, Hon. Dinesh Gunawardena requested the Speaker to adjourn Parliament for a day as the UNP MPs had resorted to a thuggish behavior.

    However Speaker Jayasuriya showing his bias towards the UNP ignored this request and the JVP was immediately able to submit a motion which was passed within minutes in a so called voice vote. Any citizen of this country is well aware that a no confidence motion on a Prime Minister cannot be passed in minutes. It is basic knowledge that at least three days must be allocated for the motion to be debated and then a vote can be taken up.

    When a no confidence motion was submitted against Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe in April, we were given three days to debate the matter. When it was defeated, we respected the decision of the parliamentarians and Hon. Wickremesinghe and the government was able to continue.

    However, on Wednesday the intentions of the Speaker were well revealed. If the Speaker said a voice vote was taken then what was the necessity for legislators to submit another motion later with signatures? No vote was ever taken up and we reiterate that Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse and the government will continue in governance, working towards the prosperity of the country.

    This political instability has been created unnecessarily by the thuggish UNP MPs. It was to bring immediate normalcy, that President Sirisena dissolved Parliament last week to let the people decide.
    However we respect the Supreme Court’s decision and will await the final verdict by the Court.

    The UNP has a history of delaying elections. At one point, they had delayed elections for 17 years. History is only repeating. The UNP has never been a party representing the masses. It has only represented a very small population and worked towards their own whims and fancies. Their unpopularity was evident when they faced a humiliating defeat in the February Local Council Elections. They knew they had failed the nation miserably, which is why they kept delaying the Provincial Council Polls.

    These past few weeks, the UNP has only plunged the country into further chaos. And with the Speaker clearly showing his bias towards the UNP, a party which he belongs to, we request all heads of the country and public officials that the best relief for the public is to let them decide. Let them Vote. We will continue to push for a people’s mandate as this is the only democratic step that can be taken. We want a people’s vote

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