• UNP wants so-called ‘democracy’ by denying the people a vote!

    On Thursday morning, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse called on all Parliamentarians in the Parliament to keep aside their differences and go in for a General Election, to allow the people to decide who should continue in government.

    That has been our call from the day the United National Party resorted to cheap politics by attempting to forcefully stay in power since Oct 26.

    Prime Minister Rajapakse said there is no greater power than the power of the people, a belief which sadly Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe and his party have forgotten these past three years while they were in government.

    As a nation we saw on Wednesday how Parliament Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, broke all Parliamentary traditions and called for a hurried vote of No Confidence on the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

    Even before the blink of an eye, amidst severe chaos, Speaker Jayasuriya called for a vote and declared it had been passed. Never in this nation’s history, has such vote ever been taken. Considering the seriousness of the motion, it is normal, basic, parliamentary rule that at least three days should be allocated to debate over the motion before a vote can be taken.

    Speaker Jayasuriya, in order to cover up his blunder then accepted a so called motion claiming to have 122 signatures. If the no confidence motion was passed as he claims, why was another motion with signatures then accepted?
    Never in our history have we ever witnessed a Speaker being so biased and making decisions which are against our traditions and Constitution.

    On Thursday when Parliament convened, despite threats by the thuggish UNP MPs, the path was made for Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse to take his seat and the government to occupy their places in Parliament.

    A session which should have started with the Speaker reading the President’s letter sent to him over the No Confidence Motion, was ignored and the Speaker resorted to his fancies by illegally claiming that he would not recognize the Prime Minister and the government and went on to address the Hon. Prime Minister as MP Mahinda Rajapakse.

    To this, the Prime Minister reminded the Speaker he should not misuse his Chair, as no one had given him the power to do so.
    As soon as the special statement by Prime Minister Rajapakse concluded, UNP

    MP Lakshman Kiriella attempted to call for a No Confidence Vote again, this time ‘by name’ over the just concluded speech. This move only made the UNP and the Speaker contradict them selves. If they were so certain that the No Confidence Motion was passed on Wednesday what was the need to call for a vote of No Confidence again?

    If this is the case, then MPs can call for No Confidence whenever they want on a Head of State of Prime Minister, and the Speaker will only give way to the request.

    This illegal move was not tolerated by us. The Speaker, only made it extremely evident that he clearly works on the orders of the UNP, and had made basic Parliamentary norms become a joke.

    What’s more. UNP MPs such as Hon. Palitha Thewarapperuma had smuggled in a knife to the floor of the House. This is a serious breach of trust and a threat on Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse and Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe.
    No where in the world has any MP entered the Parliament, armed.

    The UNP, ever since Parliament convened on Wednesday, have only wanted to do things illegally and in a hurry amidst the chaos. Supported well by the Speaker. We will not give into this.

    As Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse said, it is time we go in for a General Election. The UNP has been continuously calling for democracy. However they want ‘democracy’ by denying the people a vote.
    We want an election. Because we respect the People’s vote. This is true democracy.

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