• You have failed to meet aspirations of your voters, now let the peoples’ voices be heard. That’s what everyone wants!

    In 2015, when the United National Party came into government, they made several pledges to the nation. However it has been three years and the UNP has not been successful in fulfilling any of its pledges.

    As you are all witness, the country has not attracted any fresh investments, has not been able to control the depreciation of the ruppee, has increased unemployment and has only burdened the country with an absurdly high cost of living.

    MPs who are now part of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, were part of the opposition then. We watched with great disappointment, the country, which was freed from the clutches of terrorism by our courageous forces, go only backwards. We watched in silence how the citizens of this country, especially those in the rural areas suffered economically. It came to a point that my father, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse and President Maithripala Sirisena could take no more.

    On Oct 26, when my father was appointed as the new Prime Minister of this country, all citizens are witness to the unruly behavior unleashed by the UNP MPs. When they were in government for three years, they did nothing and when we took over, they suddenly seemed to have jumped into an ‘action mode’.

    A week after Prime Minister Rajapakse was sworn in, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said he would recognize my father as the legitimate Prime Minister. A statement was released by him for all to see.

    However, a week later, Speaker Jayasuriya, clearly acting on the instructions of his party and party leader, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe, unleashed statement after statement stating he would not recognize the new Prime Minister and government.

    Whats more? In his haste he even unlawfully called for two No Confidence Motions against the government within minutes, one which he claimed to have taken while hiding behind heavy police presence.

    If the Speaker was in a sound state of mind, he would know that no where in history has a no confidence motion against a government been called in such a manner.

    Despite repeated requests, urging Speaker Jayasuriya to act impartially and maintain the Parliamentary traditions, Speaker Jayasuriya only did what he pleased and that was to follow the orders from his party.

    On Friday, when Parliament convened, Speaker Jayasuriya refused to listen to the legitimate government and went on to do what he pleased by stating he would appoint only 5 members from the UPFA to the Parliament Select Committee and 5 members from the UNP, with one member each from the TNA and JVP.
    Our request, as a legitimate government to have 7 members was turned down.

    Fed up with the Speaker’s disgusting biasness, government MPs thought it no use to continue attending the session. So we decided to leave as we were well aware the man seated on the Speaker’s chair had turned into a mere puppet of the UNP.

    With Speaker Jayasuriya now doing as and what he pleases to ensure that the UNP have their say, and clearly refuses to recognize this government and the Prime Minister, who were appointed by the Executive President of this country, we as a government will also not recognize UNP MP Karu Jayasuriya as the legitimate Speaker of Parliament.

    MP Jayasuriya has transformed Parliament into a mere forum for the UNP to conduct their debates, at the cost of public expense, and we see no purpose to be a part of these UNP forums.

    MP Jayasuriya has clearly misused his chair and we will not continue to tolerate his antics.
    With the UNP and MP Jayasuriya demanding power by force, we once again reiterate our call for a General Election. As a responsible party, the SLPP want to give you the power to decide. We will respect the people’s decision.

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