• How can knowing the people’s verdict ever be undemocratic?

    Today, Sri Lanka enters into its second month of political instability, which began after the UNP were unable to give up power despite President Maithripala Sirisena sacking former Prime Minister Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe and his cabinet due to their inability to work for the nation within the past 3 and a half years.

    Sri Lanka, known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, today, is facing political unrest and is unable to move forward.

    This is only because of the thuggish behavior of the UNP MPs and their attempt to deny the people a vote.

    We are all aware of the troubled back ground of the UNP. As I have written earlier, in these past three and a half years, the UNP have only failed their voters and the nation in whole.

    These past three and a half years, not one single mega foreign investment has entered our shores. Unemployment had only kept rising and the cost of living had become a burden especially for those in the rural areas.

    There were taxes charged in almost every sector, there was no control over the rupee, and there was only talk. This ‘talk’ costed us heavily.

    On Sunday President Maithripala Sirisena, said that he would appoint a special commission to probe into the fraud committed by some UNP MPs. He was certain that there would be frauds of serious nature, which would surface. No President would make such a statement if this was untrue.

    The people’s frustration on the UNP government was clearly evident when the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna who was backed by my father, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse won the local council election by a landslide victory in February.

    Following their defeat, Hon. Wickremesinghe had admitted that this was a warning for them, that the people had shown they were unhappy.

    In order to avoid another humiliating defeat, the UNP, which has a history of delaying elections, kept postponing the provincial council elections. Till the cabinet was sacked, there was no talk what so ever on when the provincial council elections would be held.

    Today, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe and his party, knowing they have failed, are fearing an election. While our call for a General Election is getting stronger every passing day, Hon. Wickremesinghe and his party are only saying this will be undemocratic.

    How can knowing the people’s verdict ever be undemocratic? And where was democracy when there was no talk of a provincial council election?

    Today, the UNP Leader, says all the parties will consult each other as to when an election should be held. I would like to remind Hon. Wickremesinghe that we are in politics today because of the people, because of our voters. So when the country is facing a political crisis, it is only right that we allow our voters to decide. We do not need to get the consent of parties as to when an election should be held. This clearly proves that Hon. Wickremesinghe seems to have no clue of the motto ‘People are Supreme’.

    Furthermore, some UNP MPs including Hon Wickremesinghe, now says the country should first hold a Presidential Election. This statement is purely selfish. He clearly feels a Presidential Election will be the only way he can remain as the UNP Party Leader, especially at a time when there is trouble within his own party.

    Hon. Wickremesinghe is definitely under pressure by his own MPs to resign as the Party Leader and definitely as the Prime Ministerial candidate.

    What we need now is a General Electiom so that we can have a stable government in place. Its a stable government that can strengthen all sectors and move this country forward. With so much unrest a Presidential Election will not the solve the issue.

    Never have we seen anywhere in the world, that denying the people a vote is termed as unconstitutional, at a time when a country is facing a political crisis.

    My party, the SLPP, since Oct 26 has visited all districts across the island. The result of the majority of people is clear. They want a General Election and it is only right that their voices are heard. It is only right that the citizens of this country decide who their next government should be. It is only right that we as politicians respect our people.

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