• The greed and selfishness of the United National Party deepening Sri Lanka’s political crisis.

    Today, a month after the political crisis begun in Sri Lanka due to the greed and selfishness of the United National Party to remain in power, despite failing to serve the people, our call for a General Election has only become stronger.

    Today, people are on the streets holding placards saying ‘LetmeVote’, a call which should be heard and adhered to, not mocked and ignored.

    In any democratic country, when a severe political crisis surfaces, it is only right that the people’s opinion is sought immediately as to who should govern them. Who should they elect to government as their Prime Minister and their cabinet.

    However, sadly in Sri Lanka today, with a party like the United National Party, the word democracy only means to sort things without seeking public opinion.
    The entire country is aware that the UNP have never been a people oriented party. They have never listened to the masses. They have never visited the farmer, the villager, the school teacher, the baker or the small vendor on the side of the road and asked him his/her issues. They have never had the decency to leave their luxury offices and mansions in their suits to find out the issues facing this country.

    This attitude is what bought us down as a nation within these past three years. And it is this attitude that costed us heavily.

    You are all aware that my father, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse has always been a people’s leader. There has never been a day in his political career that he has not opened his door to listen to the voices of the people, whether it be those from poor financial backgrounds or of those from the elite society. He has made time for the nation. He has made time for each one of you.

    Now that Prime Minister Rajapakse is in power once again, after the severe failure of the UNP government and their leader, Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe, the UNP have spun into action day and night asking for democracy to prevail.
    If only the UNP had worked this hard to uplift this beautiful country these past three years, in the same manner they are now working in trying to remain in power.

    These past three years we have been a failed nation. I call each and every one of you to visit the rural areas of this country. To visit the north. To visit the east. To visit the South. To visit the West.
    You will see no development other than the development the previous Rajapakse government had bought in. You will hear nothing but people saying the UNP had failed them.

    On Oct 26, President Maithripala Sirisena, being fully aware that the country was suffering from a severe economic crisis, appointed Mahinda Rajapakse as the Prime Minister. Hon Rajapakse, who had never stopped working for the nation even while being in the opposition ranks, accepted the position vowing to strengthen this country economically, politically and socially.
    But first he vowed to do one thing. To provide immediate relief to the people by lowering the cost of living. He knew this had become a burden to all.

    Today, when Prime Minister Rajapakse and his party want to hand over the power to the people to decide on who should govern them, the UNP who have always ignored the people’s voice, are saying a General Election is not needed.
    And now, to make a mockery out of this whole crisis, some MPs from the UNP including Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe are calling for a Presidential Election.

    Holding a Presidential Election is not going to solve any crisis. As it is a stable and strong government we need in place.
    The Presidential Election will eventually be held but a new President at this point of time will not be able to bring in a strong government.

    From day one Prime Minister Rajapakse has been calling for a General Election. His calls have been ignored, mocked criticized by a party who has severely failed us. They have not had any audacity to step out of their luxury offices to work for the people.
    Prime Minister Rajapakse’s call for a General Election will continue. He and his party, the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna along with the UPFA want you, the citizens to vote. We are here because of you all. We are elected because of you all. Now we leave it to you all to decide on who should take this country forward. We have already failed three years. Now you decide.

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