• They introduce themselves as civil society heads/representatives, but working with a hidden motive and agenda laid out to be them by the UNP.

    Today, the call for a General Election has only grown stronger.

    For the first time in the history of this country, the functions of a Prime Minister and government have come to a standstill, which will have a serious impact on the country in whole.

    Sri Lanka is a small nation in the Indian Ocean region. Today, we are facing a political crisis so severe that Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government have reiterated their call to hold a snap General Election so that the people’s mandate can be upheld and respected.

    This call, however, in recent weeks has been misinterpreted by certain individuals/groups who are operating in the island under the guise of ‘civil society’.

    In recent weeks we have seen a rise in these groups/ individuals who claim to be civil society heads/representatives but are working with a hidden motive. And that is to mislead the public, and work on the agenda laid out to be them by the UNP.

    We all know that the role of the civil society is to ensure that they remain non political. Many times, they also represent the will of the people.

    But today these certain group and individuals, are clearly misusing this political unrest and promoting the agenda of the UNP.

    In recent days, we the SLPP, have exposed certain individuals who are presently holding public seminars, holding fasts, holding public debates etc, pretending to care for the nation, pretending to remain impartial, pretending to be loyal citizens of this country and pretending to be ‘civil society’.

    These individuals also use social media platforms to promote their motives.

    These individuals however, for the past three years, have been on a monthly payroll from certain ministries including the Finance Ministry, which were controlled by senior UNP MPs, without a proper explanation.

    These so called civil society heads have been living a life of luxury and have had all their demands met, on public expense. If these people have been funded, then it is no surprise that they will now scream their lungs out misguiding the general public against Hon. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his government. They were after all receiving funds for purposes only known to them.

    For years individuals or groups representing the civil society have maintained a high stand in society. There have been many times, we as politicians have learnt from and respected the advise given to us by these groups. Because after all in a democratic nation, the will of all its people is supreme.

    While Sri Lanka still maintains a very strong civil society, it is shocking that some are tarnishing the image of this society by being bought over by political parties who have continuously failed the people.

    These people have to be investigated and stripped off their rank as it a shame for these individuals/groups to be maintaining the tag of civil society whilst being funded by UNP MPs from the back end to create further political instability in a nation which deserves much more.

    We reiterate our call for a General Election. We need your support. We need your strength. Do not be misled. Do not be misguided by these funded political puppets. It is time we move forward as a nation.

    The UNP has already failed us all these past three years. We say enough is enough. Let us vote. Let all our people feel supreme again.

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