• Sri Lanka can achieve its dream of transforming into a dynamic hub if we upgrade our education system from scratch

    Sri Lanka today has one of the best public, private and international schools in Asia. While our students top the ranks globally, we, as lawmakers need to do much more to ensure that our children are given the best education so that they can face the challenges of the 21st century.

    Sri Lanka, today mostly follows an education system which was introduced by the British several years ago. Over the years, while successive governments have made a few changes to upgrade this system, much more needs to be done today to ensure that our students are able to face the global challenges.

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  • As we bid adieu to 2018, let us pray for a stronger Sri Lanka in 2019

    Today, as Sri Lanka prepares to bid adieu to 2018 and welcome a brand new year, there are many things which we need to reflect upon that went wrong in 2018 which we hope will be rectified in 2019.

    We in Sri Lanka, have within these past four years, not progressed much. In fact we have only taken a leap backwards. Our economy is a disaster, we have seen no new infrastructural development, the rate of unemployment, especially among our youth has increased, we have received no new mega Foreign Investments and investors are hesitant from entering our shores due to the weak foreign and economic policies of the UNP Government.

    Our masses in the rural areas are suffering. They have no jobs and are feeling the brunt of the rising cost of living. Development in the rural areas such as the construction of roads, houses etc, have virtually been at a halt since 2015. No new highways have been constructed which is most necessary to boost our district to district development, and even our north which has high potential, has been neglected. Our northern brothers and sisters who have already borne the brunt of terrorism deserve much more and much better. Its a pity to see the failing state of affairs Sri Lanka is currently facing.

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  • 2018 was one of the bloodiest years for Sri Lanka’s majestic elephants. Time we act now to protect our villager and elephant too

    2018 has been a year of ups and downs for many of us. While all Sri Lankans continue to suffer the consequences of the UNP government’s weak policies, mismanagement and lack of coordination with the masses, there is another very critical issue which the UNP government has failed to tackle, especially in 2018.

    And that is the human, elephant conflict.

    For several years now, Sri Lanka has been facing this issue, but the matter within these past four years has only escalated. Infact 2018 recorded the highest number of elephant deaths due to this conflict. According to the latest statistics from the Wildlife Department, 2018 was one of the bloodiest years for the majestic animals. Up to November this year, 271 elephants were killed, which is 15 times more than the entire figure reported in 2017.

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  • Let Sri Lanka unite to help our northern brothers and sisters, overcome the floods

    On Christmas Day I visited hundreds of families who were severely affected by the floods in Killinochchi and Mullaitivu, in northern Sri Lanka.

    It was indeed disheartening to see the damage caused by the flash floods and the livelihoods which had been lost. Conducting a tour of the entire district, I noticed that many agricultural lands and crops had been destroyed in the floods while school children had lost their books and other school items in the water.

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  • In a world where some social movements are created to cause upheaval, it is relieving to see the #MeForYou movement

    Today, I held an extremely important discussion with a group of talented, young, dynamic and energetic group of youngsters who are all part of the #MeForYou social movement which has been established to help one another in today’s society.

    In the present day and age, when we all face some sort of obstacles, crisis, instability etc, it is indeed heartening to see that our youngsters are now rising to help our brothers and sisters who are in need.

    I, being a young member of parliament myself, have always worked towards strengthening the youth sector in this country. Today I am proud to say that I was invited to be a part off this ambitious #MeForYou movement. While I am humbled to have received this invitation, I am also now proud to be a part of this group and will work to fulfill the goals facing the youngsters in this country.

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