• Thank You to All My Supporters

    I would like to thank all my supporters from the Hambantota District for their tremendous support at the 2015 General Election. Not only have you put your trust in me and returned me to Parliament to speak on your behalf, but you have given me a massive mandate with the highest number of preferential votes of any candidate in the district, and I thank you.

    I most humbly and gratefully accept your decision and promise to listen to your grievances and commit fully to representing you and your families.

    I know that many people around the country were surprised at the outcome of the General Election results in Hambantota. I know there are many who thought that my political life and my political future was solely dependent on having a father who was President. Others felt that I would not be able to successfully compete with Sajith Premadasa, and perhaps even that I needed lessons in doing politics.

    The people have spoken. Even though there were numerous forces against us, trying to discredit me and my family, the people of Hambantota stood by me.

    I honestly believe that this result was possible because I did not get involved in the fight for preferential votes. Realizing the uphill battle the United People’s Freedom Alliance was fighting, all my efforts went toward obtaining votes for the party. And I think, in Hambantota, this strategy worked.

    Although the overall results were not what we had hoped for, we respect the great democratic traditions of this country. Sri Lanka is faced with a number of crucial matters from the economy and national security to stalled development and troubled foreign relations. As a Parliamentarian, my focus is now on representing the interests of the people of Hambantota in our national affairs and policies.

    I know there are those who support my work during the past few years and others who do not. Whichever side you may be on, I invite you to share your ideas with me. There are always ways in which all parliamentarians can improve our service to the people. I look forward to engaging more and more with the youth of this country and look forward to hearing from you.