• The greed and selfishness of the United National Party deepening Sri Lanka’s political crisis.

    Today, a month after the political crisis begun in Sri Lanka due to the greed and selfishness of the United National Party to remain in power, despite failing to serve the people, our call for a General Election has only become stronger.

    Today, people are on the streets holding placards saying ‘LetmeVote’, a call which should be heard and adhered to, not mocked and ignored.

    In any democratic country, when a severe political crisis surfaces, it is only right that the people’s opinion is sought immediately as to who should govern them. Who should they elect to government as their Prime Minister and their cabinet.

    However, sadly in Sri Lanka today, with a party like the United National Party, the word democracy only means to sort things without seeking public opinion.
    The entire country is aware that the UNP have never been a people oriented party. They have never listened to the masses. They have never visited the farmer, the villager, the school teacher, the baker or the small vendor on the side of the road and asked him his/her issues. They have never had the decency to leave their luxury offices and mansions in their suits to find out the issues facing this country.

    This attitude is what bought us down as a nation within these past three years. And it is this attitude that costed us heavily.

    You are all aware that my father, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse has always been a people’s leader. There has never been a day in his political career that he has not opened his door to listen to the voices of the people, whether it be those from poor financial backgrounds or of those from the elite society. He has made time for the nation. He has made time for each one of you.

    Now that Prime Minister Rajapakse is in power once again, after the severe failure of the UNP government and their leader, Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe, the UNP have spun into action day and night asking for democracy to prevail.
    If only the UNP had worked this hard to uplift this beautiful country these past three years, in the same manner they are now working in trying to remain in power.

    These past three years we have been a failed nation. I call each and every one of you to visit the rural areas of this country. To visit the north. To visit the east. To visit the South. To visit the West.
    You will see no development other than the development the previous Rajapakse government had bought in. You will hear nothing but people saying the UNP had failed them.

    On Oct 26, President Maithripala Sirisena, being fully aware that the country was suffering from a severe economic crisis, appointed Mahinda Rajapakse as the Prime Minister. Hon Rajapakse, who had never stopped working for the nation even while being in the opposition ranks, accepted the position vowing to strengthen this country economically, politically and socially.
    But first he vowed to do one thing. To provide immediate relief to the people by lowering the cost of living. He knew this had become a burden to all.

    Today, when Prime Minister Rajapakse and his party want to hand over the power to the people to decide on who should govern them, the UNP who have always ignored the people’s voice, are saying a General Election is not needed.
    And now, to make a mockery out of this whole crisis, some MPs from the UNP including Hon Ranil Wickremesinghe are calling for a Presidential Election.

    Holding a Presidential Election is not going to solve any crisis. As it is a stable and strong government we need in place.
    The Presidential Election will eventually be held but a new President at this point of time will not be able to bring in a strong government.

    From day one Prime Minister Rajapakse has been calling for a General Election. His calls have been ignored, mocked criticized by a party who has severely failed us. They have not had any audacity to step out of their luxury offices to work for the people.
    Prime Minister Rajapakse’s call for a General Election will continue. He and his party, the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna along with the UPFA want you, the citizens to vote. We are here because of you all. We are elected because of you all. Now we leave it to you all to decide on who should take this country forward. We have already failed three years. Now you decide.

  • How can knowing the people’s verdict ever be undemocratic?

    Today, Sri Lanka enters into its second month of political instability, which began after the UNP were unable to give up power despite President Maithripala Sirisena sacking former Prime Minister Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe and his cabinet due to their inability to work for the nation within the past 3 and a half years.

    Sri Lanka, known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, today, is facing political unrest and is unable to move forward.

    This is only because of the thuggish behavior of the UNP MPs and their attempt to deny the people a vote.

    We are all aware of the troubled back ground of the UNP. As I have written earlier, in these past three and a half years, the UNP have only failed their voters and the nation in whole.

    These past three and a half years, not one single mega foreign investment has entered our shores. Unemployment had only kept rising and the cost of living had become a burden especially for those in the rural areas.

    There were taxes charged in almost every sector, there was no control over the rupee, and there was only talk. This ‘talk’ costed us heavily.

    On Sunday President Maithripala Sirisena, said that he would appoint a special commission to probe into the fraud committed by some UNP MPs. He was certain that there would be frauds of serious nature, which would surface. No President would make such a statement if this was untrue.

    The people’s frustration on the UNP government was clearly evident when the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna who was backed by my father, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse won the local council election by a landslide victory in February.

    Following their defeat, Hon. Wickremesinghe had admitted that this was a warning for them, that the people had shown they were unhappy.

    In order to avoid another humiliating defeat, the UNP, which has a history of delaying elections, kept postponing the provincial council elections. Till the cabinet was sacked, there was no talk what so ever on when the provincial council elections would be held.

    Today, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe and his party, knowing they have failed, are fearing an election. While our call for a General Election is getting stronger every passing day, Hon. Wickremesinghe and his party are only saying this will be undemocratic.

    How can knowing the people’s verdict ever be undemocratic? And where was democracy when there was no talk of a provincial council election?

    Today, the UNP Leader, says all the parties will consult each other as to when an election should be held. I would like to remind Hon. Wickremesinghe that we are in politics today because of the people, because of our voters. So when the country is facing a political crisis, it is only right that we allow our voters to decide. We do not need to get the consent of parties as to when an election should be held. This clearly proves that Hon. Wickremesinghe seems to have no clue of the motto ‘People are Supreme’.

    Furthermore, some UNP MPs including Hon Wickremesinghe, now says the country should first hold a Presidential Election. This statement is purely selfish. He clearly feels a Presidential Election will be the only way he can remain as the UNP Party Leader, especially at a time when there is trouble within his own party.

    Hon. Wickremesinghe is definitely under pressure by his own MPs to resign as the Party Leader and definitely as the Prime Ministerial candidate.

    What we need now is a General Electiom so that we can have a stable government in place. Its a stable government that can strengthen all sectors and move this country forward. With so much unrest a Presidential Election will not the solve the issue.

    Never have we seen anywhere in the world, that denying the people a vote is termed as unconstitutional, at a time when a country is facing a political crisis.

    My party, the SLPP, since Oct 26 has visited all districts across the island. The result of the majority of people is clear. They want a General Election and it is only right that their voices are heard. It is only right that the citizens of this country decide who their next government should be. It is only right that we as politicians respect our people.

  • You have failed to meet aspirations of your voters, now let the peoples’ voices be heard. That’s what everyone wants!

    In 2015, when the United National Party came into government, they made several pledges to the nation. However it has been three years and the UNP has not been successful in fulfilling any of its pledges.

    As you are all witness, the country has not attracted any fresh investments, has not been able to control the depreciation of the ruppee, has increased unemployment and has only burdened the country with an absurdly high cost of living.

    MPs who are now part of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna, were part of the opposition then. We watched with great disappointment, the country, which was freed from the clutches of terrorism by our courageous forces, go only backwards. We watched in silence how the citizens of this country, especially those in the rural areas suffered economically. It came to a point that my father, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse and President Maithripala Sirisena could take no more.

    On Oct 26, when my father was appointed as the new Prime Minister of this country, all citizens are witness to the unruly behavior unleashed by the UNP MPs. When they were in government for three years, they did nothing and when we took over, they suddenly seemed to have jumped into an ‘action mode’.

    A week after Prime Minister Rajapakse was sworn in, Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said he would recognize my father as the legitimate Prime Minister. A statement was released by him for all to see.

    However, a week later, Speaker Jayasuriya, clearly acting on the instructions of his party and party leader, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe, unleashed statement after statement stating he would not recognize the new Prime Minister and government.

    Whats more? In his haste he even unlawfully called for two No Confidence Motions against the government within minutes, one which he claimed to have taken while hiding behind heavy police presence.

    If the Speaker was in a sound state of mind, he would know that no where in history has a no confidence motion against a government been called in such a manner.

    Despite repeated requests, urging Speaker Jayasuriya to act impartially and maintain the Parliamentary traditions, Speaker Jayasuriya only did what he pleased and that was to follow the orders from his party.

    On Friday, when Parliament convened, Speaker Jayasuriya refused to listen to the legitimate government and went on to do what he pleased by stating he would appoint only 5 members from the UPFA to the Parliament Select Committee and 5 members from the UNP, with one member each from the TNA and JVP.
    Our request, as a legitimate government to have 7 members was turned down.

    Fed up with the Speaker’s disgusting biasness, government MPs thought it no use to continue attending the session. So we decided to leave as we were well aware the man seated on the Speaker’s chair had turned into a mere puppet of the UNP.

    With Speaker Jayasuriya now doing as and what he pleases to ensure that the UNP have their say, and clearly refuses to recognize this government and the Prime Minister, who were appointed by the Executive President of this country, we as a government will also not recognize UNP MP Karu Jayasuriya as the legitimate Speaker of Parliament.

    MP Jayasuriya has transformed Parliament into a mere forum for the UNP to conduct their debates, at the cost of public expense, and we see no purpose to be a part of these UNP forums.

    MP Jayasuriya has clearly misused his chair and we will not continue to tolerate his antics.
    With the UNP and MP Jayasuriya demanding power by force, we once again reiterate our call for a General Election. As a responsible party, the SLPP want to give you the power to decide. We will respect the people’s decision.

  • Sri Lanka has been facing a severe political turmoil due to the selfish behavior of the UNP who wish to remain.

    It is with great disappointment that I write this today. It has now been three weeks since Sri Lanka has been facing a severe political turmoil due to the selfish behavior of the United National Party who wish to remain in power even after losing their majority in Parliament following the departure of the UPFA from the national government.

    Its been days of discussions, but the UNP, who have a history of continuing in government by delaying elections, only wish to claim they have a majority and wish to bring endless No Confidence Motions against the government.

    Already they claim to have passed two No Confidence Motions, which surprisingly, the Speaker of Parliament conducted within minutes, without even a debate between the government and opposition.

    The Parliamentary proceedings which took place last week, and the violence which erupted from it, is clear proof that the Speaker is fully responsible for all that has transpired with his illegal and selfish behavior. His sole aim is to pass a No Confidence Motion illegally against a sitting government, on the instructions of his party leader, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe and the UNP.

    Last week, two UNP MPs bought knives to the Floor of the House which is a serious breach of trust and poses a great threat on the lives of Prime Minister Hon. Mahinda Rajapakse and even Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe.

    One of the UNP MPs, Hon. Palitha Thewarapperuma was then caught on camera saying he would stab all the government MPs.

    This is dangerous and shameless. And what is more surprising is that the Speaker took no action against this, but instead came into the Floor of the House the following day, under heavy Police presence and passed another illegal No Confidence Motion against the government.

    On Sunday, President Maithripala Sirisena, in his All Party Conference held at the Presidential Secretariat clearly informed all MPs present that this was in no way how a No Confidence Motion can be conducted against a government. He clearly told the MPs that the only way a No Confidence Motion could be conducted was through a Vote by Name or Electronic Vote, which is the basic knowledge any Speaker or MP should posses.

    On Monday, when Parliament convened, Speaker Jayasuriya convened an All Party Conference in his Parliamentary chamber and several issues were debated. The UNP also proposed to bring forth a motion to cut the state expenses for Prime Minister Rajapakse who is also the Finance Minister so that it will hamper his work which he has started for the benefit of the nation.

    Although Parliamentary sessions lasted for only 10 minutes on Monday, all MPs maintained calm, and sessions were conducted in a peaceful manner. This was a clear sign that sessions were conducted peacefully that day as it was the Deputy Speaker of Parliament who was present and not Speaker Jayasuriya, despite him being present in his Chamber. This clearly was a sign that he was aware that his presence and illegal behavior in the earlier sessions had led to violence among MPs.

    Sri Lanka is a democratic country. It is dubbed as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’. A new government has been selected under the leadership of President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse who have now begun work to develop this country and bring in investments which it truly deserves.

    While the UNP continues to contradict themselves by claiming at one point that there is no government, but on another instance saying they will file a motion to cut the state expenses of Prime Minister Rajapakse, I can only clearly state that with this political instability, there is only one solution.

    And that is to allow you, the citizens of this country, to have the right to vote. Vote for the government who you feel deserves to take you forward. Vote for the government who will listen to the voice of the masses, who will bring in investments, who will create job opportunities and who will uplift Sri Lanka to be in par with other developed nations.

    We have missed out on so much these past three years. Now a lot of work remains to be done. We are committed to work for you. That is why our call for a General Election will continue in order to end this political turmoil once and for all so that whoever is elected comes in strong, with a dedication to move this country ahead.

  • Speaker Karu Jayasuriya’s biased act on NCM against newly appointed PM has plunged our beautiful country into a political turmoil!

    These past few weeks, we as a nation have witnessed how our beautiful country has plunged into a political turmoil due to the power greed of the United National Party who has done everything possible to remain in government despite failing to serve the masses within these past three years.

    These past few days, I am well aware that all of you have watched in disappointment at the behavior of MPs in Parliament, no matter which political party they belong to.

    As a Member of Parliament, who only has the betterment of all you citizens in mind, I condemn these incidents. Our party, the SLPP does not work to behave violently, just like any other political party. However all of these incidents, within these past few days, in Parliament, have only erupted due to the unfair behavior of the Speaker, who has well proved that he is not working to serve the country, but only working to serve his leader, Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe.

    The new government led by President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse was appointed to serve the people, to economically strengthen this country, to provide better facilities to all citizens and to ensure that Sri Lanka gets the name it truly deserves on the global map. It was high time after the repeated failures of the UNP, these past three years. Like Prime Minister Rajapakse mentioned in Parliament, if he had not stepped in now, Sri Lanka would have fallen into a severe economic crisis with no investments and no proper projects in place. The Cost of Living does not need any mention as we all have felt it and it was time immediate measure were taken without burdening our citizens further.

    These past few weeks, I have also watched in disappointment how the Speaker of Parliament, who has spent many years in politics, has resorted to cheap, low tactics just to ensure that his leader and party can continue in power.

    We have had many successive Speakers who have fulfilled their roles well to protect the norms and traditions of our Parliament. But this is the first time in history that a Speaker, at a time of political crisis has resorted to illegal methods to ensure that his party, the United National Party, despite losing power, can hang on to their seats.

    On Friday, when Parliament convened, MPs belonging to the SLPP and its coalition partners, begun a protest at the Speaker’s table, to protest against the dangerous behavior of Hon. Ranjan Ramanayake and Hon. Palitha Thewarapperuma who had smuggled in knives to Parliament last Thursday.

    Despite continuous denial by the UNP, the two UNP MPs were caught on camera holding the knives, threatening many SLPP MPs during the brawl which erupted that day. This was a serious breach of trust and could have seriously injured or even killed a Parliamentarian.

    In order to voice our strongest protest, several government MPs resorted to a peaceful protest, calling for the arrest of these two UNP MPs. At no time did the government mention that it would not allow Parliamentary proceedings to begin. The government was only protesting as it was their right to do so and it was the role of the Speaker to take immediate action on it.

    Proceedings would have been conducted peacefully if only the Speaker had realized the unlawful and dangerous behavior of these two UNP MPs and taken stern action.

    But instead, the Speaker, entered the floor of the House, surrounded by Police Officers, and within minutes, as usual said that a No Confidence Motion had been passed and left the House. His agenda these days, only seem to be to pass a No Confidence Motion on the government. This seems to be his sole target.

    This in no means, is how a No Confidence Motion is bought on a Prime Minister and government. The Speaker is well aware of this and can never look us in the eye as his conscience will never allow him to. Maybe that is why he never attended the All Party Conference held with President Maithripala Sirisena at the Presidential Secretariat at 5pm today.

    Prime Minister Rajapakse, has continuously called for a General Election to solve this crisis. He has continuously said this was the only way democracy can be prevail. Why do we sit in Parliament? It is because we have been elected by our citizens to work for them. And now when we want to come to you, to let you decide on who should be your government, at this hour of need, the UNP is saying otherwise. By doing this the UNP is only proving that they have never heard the voices of their citizens and came to power only to fulfill their needs.

    I, as a concerned Member of Parliament, call on Speaker Karu Jayasuriya to at least now, stop being partial and fulfill his role. By passing endless No Confidence Motions in an illegal manner, is going to serve no purpose. Instead it will only further deepen the crisis. Our people do not deserve this.

    Maybe if the Speaker and UNP are unaware on how to bring forth a No Confidence Motion on a government, my father, Prime Minister Rajapakse, had on Saturday released a step by step legal guide. Hope the Speaker and UNP educate themselves on it.

    We will continue our call for a General Election. Because our motto has always been our ‘People are Supreme’.